Mentor Legion

Mentor Legion

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The old GW Background

This is the old Rogue Trader Background for the Mentor Legion From White Dwarf 98.

The Mentors are a relatively new Chapter. Formed in the Twenty-Sixth Founding, during the middle part of the current millennium, they received the number 888. This previously belonged to the Star Scorpions Chapter. The latter were a Chapter of the Twenty Fifth Founding and had the dual misfortune of producing redundant gene-seed and being utterly devastated by Warp entities when the Chapter's Fleet became trapped in Warp-space. The exact fate of the Scorpions is not known. However, the Emperor decreed that the chapter be considered dead.

The redundant gene-seed hampered Imperial efforts to rebuild the Scorpions Legion and eventually the Bio-engineers and Chem-architects of the Adeptus Mechanicus were forced to concede defeat. For a time it seemed that the number 888 would never be raised again, but some years later, a new Founding in the offing persuaded the Priesthood to revisit the chapter regalia. Thus the Mentors were born. They received the uniforms and number of the extinct chapter but instead of the redundant seed, they were given an entirely new generation of genetic material collated from the storage banks of the Earth laboratories.

The new chapter is highly unusual and their modus operandi is quite different from that of the bulk of the Legiones Astartes. The Mentors have an extraordinary capacity for learning, particularly of matters military. The chapter's main pursuit is therefore one of perfecting the fusion between science and art of war, and military technology. They do not engage in campaigns or wars as other chapters do, but instead 'loan' squads of Marines to other Imperial military bodies. Squads of Mentors may be found fighting alongside the Imperial Army or even other chapters throughout the galaxy.

The Chapter is roughly organised in much the same fashion as the Ultra-Marines. However the bulk of the chapter are never seen, the location of their headquarters and Monastery-Retreat being an absolute secret. Only the very highest strata of the Priesthood are aware of its exact location. Here the Mentors perform their rigorous training and disciplining. The massed ranks of the chapter are exhaustively trained in the art of war and in the use of Imperial military hardware, both old and new - the Chapter acting as a test bed for the latest Imperial technology. While a large proportion of the chapter is permanently based at their secret HQ, the balance of the chapter are sent out on missions, including the elite Brethren.

The basic rationale behind squad loaning is that the Mentors are able to extract the maximum amount of information regarding the fighting prowess and techniques of just about any Imperial military organisation. 'Loaned' squads returning to chapter HQ bring with them an invaluable record which is without parallel in the galaxy. The chapters and armies to whom these squads are sent benefit from having these superior warriors join them for a campaign or battle. An extra benefit to the Mentors is that they are also able to claim and maintain an honourable record of real combat experience. Even in the short period of the Chapter's existence, they have amassed an enviable Roll of Honour.

Another facet of the Mentors is the development and training of the chapter's Elite Cadre. It was originally envisaged that this would perform a number of important semi-military roles, from counter-terror operations to complex undercover missions. They would be the Imperium's ultimate human warriors, capable of dealing with any threat outside a normal chapter's area of expertise. This aim has not been fully realised as yet, but the Mentor Elite Cadre are even now amongst the very best that the Imperium can offer. They too are sent out to aid other Imperial military units in the pursuit of galactic security. The Elite Cadre are also frequently called upon by the Inquisition who recognise their superior skill at arms.

At any given time, the Mentors are likely to have as many as 25 Tactical squads out on-loan to other commands, and there are usually at least 10 squads of the Mentor Elite Cadre on missions. The rest of the chapter remains hidden, forever engrossed in the training and experimentation program.

Any army unit or chapter may include a single squad of the Mentor Chapter in their battle orders. This squad can be either one of the rank and file Mentor Tactical squads or may be a group of Mentor Elite Cadre.

The following units are all typical examples of squads sent out to other armies by the Mentors. The chapter itself will never put into battle. These units will only ever be found serving under other commands.

These are organized around the archetypal Imperial system of the ten man squad. In addition, they uphold the tradition of splitting into two groups of five men each when in battle. There is no Sergeant in the Mentor squad, as each man holds the same rank and any of the ten may be nominated the leader (or two leaders, if the squad splits into battle units of five).

The Elite Cadre of the Mentor Chapter are the most advanced warriors of their kind in the galaxy. There are two ways Marine or Army commanders can employ them on the battlefield. First the cadre element may simply be used as a powerful squad, gaining the benefits of the Targeting-Web facility and other special equipment; alternatively, the models may become leaders for other units. The latter is preferred by Army Commanders as the Elite Cadre make especially good leaders for units of normal warriors.

Each member of the Elite Cadre has the profile of a Marine Minor Hero. This represents the adaptability of the chapter's advanced training techniques. The models also have the powerful Targetting-Web, Timewarper, and Shift Field (see below) available to them, and all models are armed with Mentor Bolt guns. The Timewarper and Shift Field are individually carried items and must be assigned to particular models. These items can be used to enhance any unit joined by the Mentor carrying them.

Other Fluff

Mentor Legion reports a new Genestealer strain aboard a drifting hulk Hades in the Easten Fringe. Strike cruisers Beloved Matyr and Ultimate Sacrifice of the Mentors sent to capture genetic samples. Half the Mentor's 1st company is overun by Tyranids. Hulk Powers up and Warps out before the Mentor Legion can counter attack, Half of the Chapter's Terminator suits are lost as a result. Dam!

Red Scorpion forces are most often found along side Fire Hawk forces, and on rare occasions they serve with the Mentor legion. The Mentor Legion has befriended them for a mutual trade of the technology the Red Scorpions love to brag about. The Red Scorpions also gladly accept new ideas from the Mentor legion, which they quickly incorporate into their new designs.