Mentor Legion

Mentor Legion

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Devastator Squad

This is my Mentor Legion Devastator Squad, i added a few bits from an old RTB01 sprue, plus pistols and ammo pouches from my bitz box. In all of my squads i am planning to have at least two troopers with extended magazines. I have had this squad for about eight years, the reason i have been so slow in getting round to finishing this squad was, Because like with so many of my projects,it gets put on the back burner when a new cooler one jumps into my head. But not any more! i have a made a project order list. This Squad is one of the old hybrid types. I am not a big fan of hybrid models, i am glad that you can't get them anymore.

I was lucky to have a mate give me some extra devastator models. 2x lascannon,2x heavy bolter and 2x plasma cannon guys. So now i am going to switch the missile launchers from my tactical Squads with lascannons. This will allow me to create a missile launcher Devastator Squad.The plasma cannon guys i will be doing soon, so i will be in keeping with the high tech nature of the Mentors.

Time for some Tanks,Razorbacks coming soon........