Mentor Legion

Mentor Legion

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mentor Bolters

I thought i would put up a picture of some of the bolter variants my Mentor legion troops are going to be armed with. I remember ages ago i found on the net a picture of loads of Mentor bolters (thanks, who ever you are) they got me thinking about all the different types of bolters the Mentors must have in there armory.

As you can see some are from the SM commander sprue others are from my own conversion corner. all of my army will have the optic sight from the cadian HWT sprue, (my way of showing the target web system) it looks so cool and its in keeping with the tech level of the Chapter. Plus all my bolt pistols will have extended mags. I am currently working on a combi-meltagun from plastic tubing, watch this space. But until then, have a flaming good time with some hand flamers.

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