Mentor Legion

Mentor Legion

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deathwatch Dreadnought

This is my Mentor Legion Dreadnought, I like the idea that some of my army has served as part of the Deathwatch. How cool would it be that the Mentor Legion sent a Dreadnought! they don't do things by half .

I know what some people may say that Dreadnoughts are holy Relics and to valuable to loss. I don't thing that way, in fact i think the opposite. What better way to learn how to fight Xeno scum than with the Deathwatch. The plus side is you have a much better change of survival in a Dreadnought than in power Armour.

On the dreadnoughts return to the chapter, he made the decision to keep the colors of the Deathwatch, in part to Honor the dead that he served with, the other was the fear factor.