Mentor Legion

Mentor Legion

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Magnetizing old Terminators

I have had a few old Rogue trader era terminator heavy weapon arms knocking around in my bits box. So i wanted to be able to switch them out on the same model to give me some options and what better way than with magnets.   

As luck would have it the hole for the weapon arm to attach to the body is the same size as a D52 rare earth magnet. This made the conversion so much easier all i needed to do was cut off the nib of the arm then drill out the hole fore the magnet. i have found the fastest and easiest way is to keep all the magnets together so you don't forget or get the polarity mixed up.

I always thought the small amount of  ammo/fuel each trooper carried into battle was odd. If I was entering a battle or space hulk I would have a servitor loaded down with extra ammo,grenades, batteries etc.
So with that in mind a wanted to add some more fuel storage to my heavy flamer guy. As luck would have it the tanks from the guard Spure is perfect.

See you back here in a "few months" for an update ha ha.

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