Mentor Legion

Mentor Legion

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Epic Wolf Guard Terminators.

I have finally managed to finish up one of my many many many ongoing projects. I am really happy with the way they have turned out. I wanted to have as much detail as i could on them because well they are the best of the best.

The squad leader or battle leader i think it is called (not a expert) needed a close combat weapon but i was undecided about going with a sword or a battle axe. So i decided on neither! i went with a power maul because i think they are cool. It was made out of a 40k Space Marine combat knife handle cut down, the eagle shape really looks neat.

I cut a few left arms and repositioned them so as to give a bit of variety. The rest of the detail was  painted on, like the knee pads and storm bolters. The Crux Terminatus was hard to do as i wanted it to look good but not have to take too long to do all twenty. I will eventually do a post soon with the finished Wolf Guard Land raiders.

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